The day I said yes to Dan

11 March 2023, the day I said yes to spending a lifetime with my soulmate, Dan.

It's not often that you get to see your photographer's moments like this captured. However after 6 years of capturing countless moments, I thought it only fair to finally share some of my most precious memories.

This beautiful man managed to surprise me somehow! I thought I was on my way to capture my best friend's engagement photos to her love, (and now MOH) and had my camera gear ready to go. It wasn't until we were a couple of metres away from this gorgeous set up, that slightly nervous Dan asked me to remove my camera gear and took my hand. I then saw my photographer friend, Ell from Short from the Heart with camera in hand and I became overwhelmed with joy, realising what was happening. Dan planned this perfectly asking me to marry him at one of our fav places, the Peninsula and my fav spot at Flinders, near the ocean which is close to my heart. He custom designed my Black Opal Ring (it's really blue!) to look like the earth and the ocean, surrounded by trees. My dear friend Emma, from Perfect Proposals set up our proposal so beautifully, knowing so many small details about me, right down to my fav rug that she used and remembered from another proposal I captured for her!

I am so grateful for him and this life we have together forever.

Sending light


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